Lead Pastor Transition

UPDATED:  July 26, 2018 (ADDED: Church & Pastor Profiles; Guiding Principles; Team Roles; Contact Email, Prayer Letter)

You have arrived at our landing page for information in regard to the search for Bright Hope's next pastor.   Pastor Paul has announced his retirement, effective September 30, 2018.  We are so very grateful for his years of faithful service as our pastor since 2001. If you are a member or regular attender of Bright Hope and missed his announcement, you can request a copy of his letter and/or the audio of his announcement by completing the contact form on this page or follow the email link below.

Search Team
Bright Hope's Search Team consists of the current deacons (see list below).  We have just moved from the Pre-Search phase of the process into the Search phase.  This means we are now ready to start collecting and sifting through resumes and contacting potential candidates.  Our main focus has been, and will continue to be, spending time on our knees before God seeking His wisdom, His desires, His plan, and His purposes for Bright Hope.  Please join us in praying for: the Search Team, Pastor Paul & Susi, our new pastor, and our church family. If you have questions concerning this process, please contact us via email.

Our Search Team's Guiding Principles are as follows:  This process will be bathed in Scripture & prayer; This process will be in accordance with BHCC Essential Guidelines; No candidate will be recommended until the Team is unanimous that the Holy Spirit has definitively identified God’s pastor for BHCC; We will be as open and transparent and communicative as possible; We will seek input and advice as needed from inside and outside the church;  We will set and stick with time deadlines but will not place a timetable on when God should act;  We will protect and maintain confidentiality of candidates.

Our Search Team has utilized the data provided to us via church survey and has developed a Church & Potential Pastor Profile.  You can view these PROFILES HERE (added 7/22/18)

If you are a pastor seeking a ministry, please check out the profile link above and see if you fit the criteria for Lead Pastor of Bright Hope Community Church.  At the end of the profile, there is info on how you can submit your letter of interest and resume. Thank you!

Next Steps for Search Team:  Collect resumes through job posting sites, and colleges/seminares in our region; Revision of Job Description; Potential Pastor Questionaire; Developing Interview Process.

Team Members (Team Role):
Justin Allison (Correspondence and Research)
Sam Burgard (Prayer Coordinator) - see most recent prayer letter - click here
John Castina (Correspondence and Research)
Dave Ireland (Correspondence and Research)
Jeff Kaminski (Communication)
Kevin McCormick (Co-Lead; Recorder)
Chris McGrady (Co-Lead; non-voting consultant)
Paul Thomas (Communication)